Storage Hacks Help Renters Utilize Small Spaces

Regardless of who we are or where we live, it seems that we all share one problem: there’s not enough space for all of our stuff.

By making the most of what you already have, even the smallest of spaces can really surprise you. I searched for some of the best storage ideas to help out those of you who are up to your ears in kitchen gadgets or art supplies, and this is what I found:

Closets Can Serve Double-Duty

Make that empty space underneath your clothes work for you. After your wardrobe is hung and you’ve used up the shelf space at the top, your closet’s storage potential isn’t gone. What are you doing with that wasted area between the floor and the bottom of your work pants?

Are your shoes stuffed in boxes or under the bed?
Add a shoe rack like this one to the bottom of your closet.

Is your hobby taking over your bedroom?
Store your supplies in totes and stack them under your hanging clothes.

Utility closets can be functional spaces as well. Add a free-standing wire shelving unit to give things like extra pots & pans or power tools a permanent home. I suggest choosing one theme and sticking to it, though. The last thing any organizing hopeful needs is another catch-all area.

Repurpose Under-Sink Space

Wide open, unstructured cabinets are just asking to be made into a junk pile. Stop yourself from simply tossing your toiletries under the sink by add stacking baskets to make the most of that area. Hanging baskets inside the doors to hold commonly-used items is another way to make use of the space under there.

Renter Friendly Organizing Tips

Don’t Forget About the Behind the Door

The back of every door in your home is just a blank slate waiting to be used as storage. Everyone knows that space has been a prime spot for shoe racks and towel hooks for years, but it can be so much more than that.

Create an organization center for yourself.

organization center


Put together a wrapping station for the holiday season.

wrapping organizer

You can even use a over-the-door rack to store your cleaning supplies.

cleaning supplies


So there you have it. Small homes don’t have to lack storage. Be creative and use every inch you’ve been given. You’ll thank yourself for it later.

Do you have any small-space storage solutions to share?

Leave a comment about something you’ve done to maximize your space.

Thanks for reading!

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