5 Steps to the Perfect Window Treatment

Curtains are the superhero of home decor.

They are often overlooked, but if chosen correctly, they can serve three important purposes:

  • They add flare.
  • They ensure privacy.
  • They block unwanted light.

Here’s a simple guide for choosing the perfect combo.

1. Decide on a hanging method

  • Are there traditional curtain rod holders in place?
    • Do you like them? If so, celebrate, because step one is done for you.
  • You don’t have curtain rod hooks, or you don’t like the ones in place?
    • Does your lease allow the use of screws?
      • Yes? Good for you. Choose the ones you want and install them via the product’s instructions.
      • No? No problem! Command hooks offer the perfect renter-friendly option for hanging curtain rods without damaging the walls. Simply attach two of the 5lb capacity hooks, and you’re ready to go.



2. Choose a curtain rod

Once the hooks are in place, you get to begin the more creative side of hanging your window treatment. Curtain rods have come a long way since the two-piece white, aluminum ones our grandmothers used.

Here are a couple of ideas to inspire your creativity:


  • Spice up old curtain rods by wrapping them with twine.


  • Bring nature indoors by using a tree branch to hold your curtains.



3. Pick a display style

In addition to the curtain pattern you choose, the hanging style of your drapes can be used to make a statement about your room.

  • Tie Back (Both Sides): Traditional



  • Tie Back (One Side): Playful


  • Two-Panel: Modern




4. Designate a material type

What a curtain is made of can make a big difference in the lighting of your room. To let in the most light possible, go with a sheer option, like the Two-Panel example above. In order to maintain privacy, consider the type of blinds you’re using as well.

For bedrooms, blocking the light out can be desirable. In those instances, a blackout curtain is recommended. Many stores sell blackout curtains, but here is a tutorial to make any curtain with a blackout lining:



5. Determine proper placement

Hanging a curtain too close to the window can make your room look stunted and small. Take a look at this article to ensure that all of your hard work looks as appealing as possible.

Better Home and Gardens

Hopefully, you now have perfectly-hung curtains that you can’t wait to show off to your friends. (Or at least a project idea that you are itching to try.) There is so much out there in the world of curtains. I’ve just barely scratched the surface.

Take a look for yourself, and feel free to leave a comment about what you find!


Until next time,

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