Closet Organization Part 2: Totes

Closets can simultaneously be the most used and most neglected spaces within a home.

They’re perfect hiding spots to hold things you don’t have a place for, yet they tend to be so unorganized that you never find those things again once you put them in there.

The Challenge: Tackle your closets by organizing your belongings into storage bins according to category.

It might take your closet from something like this:

Hall Closet-1

To something like this:

Hall Closet-21  Hall Closet-17

It takes some time and thought to get it started, but the end result is definitely worth it.

Now, where do you begin?

The stars of this show are storage bins, and there are two ways to go about the process of converting your closet storage to totes:

  • Beg for, borrow, or buy multiple sizes of totes beforehand, and then sort your items to fit what you have.


  • Sort your items ahead of time, and then find tote sizes that correspond to the amount of each type of thing that you own.

**I took the first approach, but I would recommend the latter. It would have been much easier to know what I was working with before I spent an hour searching through totes. It’s obviously possible the other way; it just takes more brain power. The bins I used can be found here.

5 Steps to creating an organized closet space:

  1. Empty boxes of miscellaneous content.
  2. Make piles for each category of items.
  3. Designate a storage bin for individual categories.
  4. Place objects into the designated bin in an organized manner.
  5. Stack totes logically, with like things together and smallest bins on top.

You may find that you don’t have enough objects in a certain category to fill a tote. In that case, try to combine similar categories. Just make sure you don’t go too broad.

Example Categories:

  • Shoes
  • Portfolio work/Keepsakes
  • Hobby Supplies
    • art
    • sewing
    • baking
    • scrapbooking
  • Board games
  • Backpacks, duffel bags & purses


BONUS TIPS for making the most of your new space:

Once you’ve taken the time to organize it all, you can revel in the fact that you know exactly where to find what you’re searching for. That, my friends, is no small victory.

Questions, comments, concerns?

You know what to do.

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