Organization Centers

An organized home is a happy home.

Everyone has their own method for organization, but there has to be a system in order to keep track of important documents, phone numbers and bills. Designating an area of your home to be an organization center is one good way to make sure major dates are not overlooked.

Components of effective organization centers:

  • Cork board — for business cards, post-it notes and invitations
  • Mail bin — to keep track of bills that need paid or letters that need sent
  • Calendar — for remembering important dates such as birthdays and weddings
  • Dry erase board — to leave notes for other family members and/or roommates

Good locations for an organization center include:

Each person’s organization hub will meet different needs, but a perfectly tailored command center is one of the best gifts you can give yourself if you find that you often forget important details of every day living.

Use these examples as inspiration, and feel free to mix and match ideas to make it the most effective for you.

There’s only one rule for a command center: pick a spot that’s seen often to make the most of your reminders.

Do you have any advice to make the perfect command center?

Please share your wisdom with me.


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