Decking the Halls: Decorating for the Christmas Season

It’s that time of year again! Halloween is only a week away. Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and Christmas decorations have taken over the stores. The holiday season is officially upon us.

With all of the options for Christmas decorations these days, choosing a theme for your home can be overwhelming. I’m here to offer some design inspiration to make your tree-trimming and hall-decking a little simpler.

Finding the Perfect Christmas Tree

The main focal point of any Christmas decor is the tree, but the age-old debate when it comes to the traditional holiday staple is authentic vs artificial.

“This is my first year in my own place, and I’m excited to be buying my first Christmas tree. Right now, the one I’m leaning towards is 7 feet tall, pre-lit, and has fake snow on it.”

— Roger Taylor, 22

Which kind is really better? Let’s ask the pros.

The smell of a fresh-cut Christmas tree is a great way to celebrate the season of giving. Real Christmas trees don’t just offer the sought-after pine scent that so many people love, though. Cutting the tree can become a cherished holiday tradition as well.

Home Depot has some helpful tips for finding and caring for the perfect live tree in your home this Christmas.

If you’re not comfortable with the idea of bringing nature into your living room, artificial trees are perfectly acceptable alternatives.

The upsides of owning an artificial tree:

  • no messy sap or pine needles to clean
  • pre-lit or flocked (fake snow) options
  • no need to dispose after the holiday season

Some cons to consider:

  • no real pine scent
  • must find storage for tree after Christmas
  • hassle of replacing pre-lit bulbs after they burn out

If you still need some help making a decision, Hayneedle has composed this Artificial Christmas Tree Buying Guide.

Creating Your Christmas Color Scheme

Christmas colors are no longer limited to red and green, which means that the possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to choosing a theme for your holiday decorations.

Blue, pink, purple, orange, brown. You name it, and they make christmas bulbs to match it. Settle on just a few colors, or go for them all to make a super-festive holiday decor scheme this season.

“I use a different color scheme on my Christmas tree every year because I don’t like it to always look the same.  Last year I went with blue and silver decorations, but I’m thinking of just using gold bulbs with clear lights this year.”

— Pam Bills, 69

Get inspired by this list of Christmas color schemes from Better Homes and Gardens.

Creative Gift-Wrapping Ideas

When done right, Christmas gifts themselves can serve as an added touch to your holiday decor. There are tons of ways to make your gifts so much more than a haphazard pile of boxes under the tree. Really play up key aspects of your theme by incorporating your color scheme and adding personal touches to your gift wrap.

With these great gift wrap ideas, your presents will look so nice you may be sad about giving them away!

Simple ways to jazz up your packages:

  • tie inexpensive ornaments to bows
  • use monograms to identify gift recipients
  • create photo gift tags
  • layer different widths of ribbon for a 3D effect

Don’t stop there, though! Use anything you have on hand to make your holiday gift wrap extra special.

With so many options available for Christmas decorations, there’s bound to be a theme that fits your life and budget perfectly.

How do you plan to decorate for the holidays?

I hope you’ll share some of your ideas with me.


Until next time,

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