Winter Wonderland provided crafting opportunity for OHIO students

College girls flock to anywhere that there’s a craft project.

If an event has a craft incorporated, there’s a pretty good chance that it will be a hit.

University Program Council’s Winter Wonderland event was no different.

Winter Wonderland, held on Thursday, December 4, was an event inspired by Disney’s Frozen. The walls of Baker ballroom were decked out with blue and purple snowflake-shaped light projections while the screens on the two farthest walls played the movie for the participants. Olaf was also attending the event and posing for photos in the honors collegium with a festive Frozen background.

The event featured some winter-themed treats such as sugar cookies and hot chocolate, as well as popcorn, and there were many craft projects to work on while the movie was playing. Upon entering the event, guests could choose a snack and then either sit on the side of the ballroom that was low-lit and set up to resemble a movie theater, or they could choose the more brightly-lit side filled with circular tables to join in on the crafts that were available. The event was definitely designed to cater to the people who really just came for the movie in addition to the people who were hoping to make the event into a social gathering.

“We like our events to be active instead of being passive, so we were looking for ways to incorporate activity into our event. We didn’t want people just watching the movie if they wanted something to do with their hands or to interact with the event, so crafting is a good way to do that.”

— Alex Molnar, University Program Council president

Participants could choose to decorate:

  • gingerbread houses & cookies,
  • coasters,
  • mugs,
  • or glass ornaments

There were also many options to choose from when it came to those crafts.

The supplies table was filled with:

  • gingerbread decorating kits
  • sharpie markers
  • fake snow
  • glitter
  • paint
  • ribbon
  • etc.



So what is University Program Council?

The organization’s website says this:

“Known as “UPC,” the University Program Council is a volunteer organization of students who work to bring innovative programs to Ohio University and the surrounding community. University Program Council’s primary goal is to provide fun, exciting, engaging, and entertaining programs and events for all members of the OHIO community.”

And why would they choose to host this type of even at Ohio University?

“The inspiration for this event was Disney, winter, holidays and bringing people of all ages together. I wanted to have crafts to give people something to do while they were watching the movie so this event would bring in more people with different interests. For example, if you don’t like Frozen the movie, you can still come and do crafts and eat food and enjoy it.”

— Devin Rhodes, UPC Creative Events Executive

What makes crafty events so popular with college students?

  1. It becomes a social gathering. There’s something therapeutic about sitting and talking with friends while creating something with your hands. Talk about the perfect almost-finals-week stress reliever!
  2. Crafting has a purpose. When the event is over, there is a physical item to take home that can be displayed proudly in a dorm or apartment. Free decor? Most people are all about that!
  3. There’s free stuff, duh! Even if points 1 and 2 were irrelevant, crafty events still provide an outlet for creativity, and the supplies are free. Plus there’s usually free food, which is enough of a reason to leave the house.

Will there be more craft-based UPC events next semester?

“There’s always a possibility. We haven’t finalized our final list of activities or events for next semester, but what we’re looking to do is make sure that we can appease the most people, and if we can do that with crafting, then that will be incorporated,” Molnar said.

To find other events that may satisfy your creativity, check out the OHIO Calendar of University Events (CUE). If you know of something that’s happening and it isn’t on the CUE, add it yourself using the “add event” button to spread the word to other students searching for interesting events.

Below are some pictures from UPC’s Winter Wonderland event: